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The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater Party - Seasons Greetings - Official news update...  Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties are sweeping the nation!  From New York to Los Angeles, Milwaukee to Tampa, Seattle to San Antonio, people across the country are throwing outrageously funny Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties!

Everyone is joining in on the fun and you should too!

But why you ask?

Simple, we all need a little laughter in our lives and a change up from the normal boring get together is always appreciated... The ultimate ugly sweater party is an enjoyable escape from the economic climate, world violence, and daily grind we all are subject to.

That's exactly why I'm proposing you host an over-the-top inane ugly Christmas sweater party next month.  It's still early in October which means Now is the perfect time to get the party started!
Here are some tips on how to organize the perfect tacky Christmas sweater party...

Step 1:  Decide on the location, date, and time.  The space should be large enough for 20 - 30 people or more to move around comfortably.  A normal sized house works great for these parties because they add a homey / holidays feel.  I recommend planning the party 2 weeks before Christmas (to ensure a large # of people are in town still) and on a Saturday.  Start the party no later than 5 p.m. to get the most out of the special day.

Step 2: Send out the invitations at least 3 - 4 weeks prior to the party.  Make sure to clearly state that you're hosting an "Ugly Sweater Party".   Tell your invitees, "The uglier the sweater, the better the party."  Make it clear that Ugly Christmas sweaters are mandatory in order to attend the party!  Also, be sure to include photos of last year's party in the invitations to get them excited.
Finally, in addition to mailing hard copy invitations, you should use social media sites such as Facebook, Meetup, Twitter, and MySpace to send out the invites / party details.

Step 3: Find yourself a hideous Christmas sweater to wear at the party...  The host should always have on one of the best sweaters to set the tone!
Some places to find ugly Christmas Sweaters include:  Goodwill, eBay, parents / grandparents closets, , .

Step 4:  Decorate the party location appropriately.   Proper ugly Christmas sweater party decor includes:
-    Christmas lights
-    Christmas tree
-    Christmas plates / trays / table cloths / napkins
-    Santa beer bong
-    Mistletoe (this is a must!)
Side Note: make sure to turn down the Heat.  Sweaters are hot and no one likes to be covered in sweat at a party.

Step 5:  Prepare the food, booze, beer, soda, mixers, and Christmas cookies.  The larger the food and booze spread the better...
Some Food staples include:
-    Summer sausage
-    Venison hot sticks
-    Cheese (lots of cheese)
-    Ham sandwiches
-    Hot beef sandwiches
-    Cheesy potatoes
-    Chili
-    Grilled buffalo chicken wings
Liqueur and Beer staples include:
-    Hot Cider w/ rum
-    Tom and Jerry mixed w/ Brandy
-    Red and Green Jell-O shots
-     Barrel of beer
Some favorite Holiday Drinks include:
-    "Reindeer Piss" (hot cider, blended whiskey, and 7-up)
-    "Santa Shooters" (Butterscotch Schnapps, Amaretto, Chocolate Liquor)

Step 6:  Set the mood with great Christmas music playing at a medium volume.  Also, make sure to have a copy of  "The Band" on DVD to play later in the night...  Trust me, it will be a huge hit!

Step 7:  Have an ugly Christmas sweater contest.  Make sure to make the prize strong enough to motivate people to wear great ugly sweaters.

Step 8:  Have a gift exchange (optional).

Step 9: Make sure to document the evening with plenty of pictures and videos.  We'd love for you to share them with us!

Step 10:  Catch a buzz and enjoy the night!

Final thoughts:
This party is about more than just the ugly Christmas sweaters...  It's about spending time with people you love and making fantastic memories that last a lifetime.
Hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party is guaranteed to produce an entertaining night that you will talk about for years to come!

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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