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Top Products to Sell Over the Internet

You may be selling at your website. You may be selling through amazon and eBay. Regardless of where you are selling, you need to know what sells. Learning about some of the top products that are selling over the Internet can help you to tailor each of your investments appropriately. Through affiliate marketing, direct sales or even through drop shipping, these products could help you to grow your business successfully. Do not overlook their ability to help you make a profit online.

Take a look at some of the top products to sell over the Internet.

  • Mass merchandise products, similar to what is purchased at a department store. According to some data, this industry is over $29 million in sales at websites like  and .
  • Computers and electronics are number two on the list. People love the flexibility of being able to shop around and compare products easily online, even from various brands and manufacturers. The selection is largest online, too.
  • Office supplies is also a top producer with more than $13 million sold at stores like Staples and Office Depot's online stores.
  • Apparel and accessories is another large producer. Various companies sell much of their business online. Victoria Secret and LL Bean are two that have large online businesses.
  • Books, music, and DVD's are another top and growing sector. It is not easy to download a book to your Kindle or even download movies to watch on your computer. But, the industry includes the sale of traditional copies as well, in growing numbers. Add computer software and video games to this mix, too.
  • House wares and furnishings are another large industry, though well behind mass merchandising. Here, you will see many specialty products from companies like Crate and Barrel and Williams Sonoma.

Rounding out the top products for Internet sales you have food and drugs, health and beauty products, specialty products, toys, flowers and home improvement. As you can see, virtually every sector is a good one. Many of the products you have in your home are well worth the investment for resale. Still, do research about individual products prior to investing.