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Mandatory Car Interior Accessories

Mandatory Car Interior Accessories - When you buy a car for the first time, you will be thrilled with the experience. It is a wonderful feeling when you drive away from the showroom in your new car. This is one moment in your life that you are likely to remember forever. In the happiness of the moment, you will be likely to miss out on checking whether your vehicle has come with all the mandatory car interior accessories.

Some Useful Car Interior Accessories

Very few first-timers will really even look for the mandatory car interior accessories before taking possession of the vehicle. The following car interior accessories are a must in a new car. In case, by any chance, your showroom does not provide these, check out with the manufacturer – and if the answer still is a negative, then buy it yourself. Some of the handy car interior accessories are as follows:

1.  Floor mats

surprisingly enough, there are a good deal of cars which roll out of showrooms without floor mats. This is one car interior accessory that absolutely has to be there. Hence, in case your showroom really does not have floor mats inclusive in the deal, make sure this is the first priority on your accessory list.

2.  Cup holders

they may seem standard on most cars, but in reality you may have to add a few depending on the number of sippy-cup toting kids you have in your minivan. You can find separate cup holders in department stores like Target as well as auto stores like Auto Zone.
Mandatory Car Interior Accessories

They come in a myriad of colors to suit any car interior and are well worth their money. This is especially true if you do not have leather seats. Spilled juice, coffee or worse still, soda can leave stains on the upholstery which can be an eye sore in the short run and get you less money for your vehicle in the long term.

3.  Hands-free Cell Phone Holder

if you are on the road a lot and do not have the new blue-tooth enabled technology, a hands-free device can save your life and is required by law in some cities too. Some people even have a sticky-note dispenser or other kind of note pad mounted on the dash to quickly jot down a phone or reference number – while parked of course.

Other miscellaneous handy accessories can be a back seat organizer, a trunk organizer, a CD pocket for your visor, air fresheners and the list goes on. Evaluate what car interior accessory is important for you and make it something that adds value to your vehicle and your quality of life.

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