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How to prevent my puppy from biting me?

Puppy's first stage with its mother

One of the main reasons a puppy should spend its first two months with his mother and siblings is for them to teach him to control his mouth:

If the puppy roughly bites his mother's breasts when he is nursing, she will get up and leave him without eating. Thus he learns to be more delicate with his mouth if he wants to eat.
How to prevent my puppy from biting me

If during the game with his siblings the puppy bites too hard, the other dog will complain and if he insists, it will leave, ending the game. So if the puppy wants to play, he will have to control the bite.

The puppy's arrival at home

When the puppy comes home, in a second stage, he will be the one to teach him to inhibit the bite. He will have to learn that our skin is more delicate and can hurt us. How? Doing something similar to what his mother and brothers did:

  1. He picks up a toy that he likes to play with.
  2. Goad him by moving him in front of his head so he can grab him. Without getting you too excited for good learning.
  3. If during the game he bites you, give a yelp (Yikes!) And wait a few seconds before continuing.
  4. If he bites hard or insists, he squeals and ends the game by leaving the room and ignoring the dog.
  5. The sessions should be a maximum of 10 minutes stopping the game from time to time so that the puppy does not get overexcited.
In this way you will get the dog to understand that your skin is something delicate so he must be careful with his mouth.

What if the dog is an adult?

You can proceed in the same way: playing with it and with an object. Additionally, you can do the following:
  1. Take a piece of food and put it away with your closed hand.
  2. Put your hand on the dog's muzzle and if it bites you, yell OUCH! and put your hand away.
  3. Repeat until the dog licks your hand and you open it. You should eat the piece of food without him biting you, if not, repeat it again.
With these simple guidelines the dog will learn to better control his bite and you will be able to have your hands near his mouth without any concern.

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