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How can I stop biting my nails in 9 minutes? After 20 Years.

How can I stop biting my nails in 9 minutes? After 20 Years.- Tired of biting your nails every minute? Do you feel embarrassed every time you awkwardly bite your nail? Or are you looking for measures against nail biting? So look no further. Here I would like to help you to finally overcome excessive nail biting.

Why are you biting your nails?

Habits are hard to break. They can bite your nails when you're nervous. You can bite them when you are bored. Or maybe you don't realize you've bitten them until you go for a manicure and they're bitten too short. Anyway, there are methods you can try at home to stop nail biting.

Why is nail biting bad for us?

Over the long term, nail biting is unlikely to cause long-term damage.

Your nails form just below the start of the circular cuticle known as the "nail bed". As long as this stays intact, you probably won't cause too many problems.

Risks of nail biting

However, there is always a risk with nail biting. These include:

  • Pain or infection in and on the skin around your nails
  • Damage to the tissues that cause your nails to grow
  • Changes in the appearance of your nails
  • abnormal growth
  • more frequent colds and other illnesses by putting dirty fingers in your mouth
  • Damage to your teeth from biting hard nails

Another name for nail biting is chronic nail biting. It is considered the most common anti-stress habit. Other habits associated with this condition include:

  • thumb sucking
  • pick your nose
  • hair twist
  • teeth grinding
  • skin picking

Hurry? How to Stop Nail Biting in 9 Minutes - Expert Advice

  • Start by trimming them a bit. Trust me, you don't have to reach for anything when your nails are well groomed and short.
  • Wear mittens when you are alone.
  • Coat your nails with bad tasting nail polish (like Stop The Bite Nail Polish)
  • Identify what is causing you to attack your nails and find a way to counteract it
  • Keep your nails neat at all times
  • Watch your hands
  • Keep your mouth busy
  • wear bandages
  • Wear the Nail Bite Awareness Smart Tracker

But before I do that, let me put you on track with the definition of nail biting for an explicit understanding so that I can adequately get you the message on how to stop nail biting. .

Nail biting does not usually begin until age 4, but many cases seem to begin between ages 4 and 6. Boys chew their nails more often than girls.

In other words, your nail-biting habit may have started as early as childhood. For many people, it's a habit that continues into adulthood. You may not think much about biting your nails, but dermatologists explain that chronic nail biting can actually cause serious problems.

How to stop biting your nails after 20 years - 16 best tips

How to stop biting your nails? There are several things you can try at home. There are also times when you might want to see your doctor instead of doing it yourself.

Before you try to stop biting your nails, you might want to spend some time thinking about why you're chewing them in the first place. Try to keep a journal of when you bite. Are you tired? Emphasize ? Hungry? You can start noticing a trend. Once you've discovered your unique trigger, you can work on finding different ways to alleviate it.

1. keep them short

An easy way to discourage yourself from biting your nails is to keep them short. The idea behind this method is simple. If there is little or nothing to chew, you won't feel as compelled to bite your nails. Of course, you need to keep an eye on your trimming routine as your nails are constantly growing. 

2. Get a manicure

Try tossing a coin on a gorgeous manicure to see if it helps you quit. Your nails will look and feel great.

3. Perfume your nails

While it may seem strange at first, using a bitter-tasting polish like ORLY can help kick the habit. You can apply this type of deterrent to your bare nails or even fake nails.

4. Find out what triggers your nail biting

People bite their nails for many reasons, but people don't always know why they do it.

One of the most important steps to breaking this habit is to figure out what makes you bite your nails.

Is it when you feel anxious? when are you bored Or maybe you start snacking when you want to forget a certain feeling, like anger?

A great way to do this is by keeping a journal - a notes app on your phone is also acceptable! Just try to notice when you're biting your nails and how you're feeling/what you're doing.

This will help you identify patterns so you can try changing your response to nail biting triggers, such as: File your nails into a nice shape when you're worried instead of biting them all.

5. Think of all those germs.

What are you typing where!?

If you think about it, nail biting isn't very hygienic.

You're very unlikely to wash your hands before you start biting your nails every time, meaning you're transferring germs into your mouth from anything you've touched.

This can expose you to disease.

So next time you're tempted to bite your nails, take a second to think about all the potential germs lurking on your fingers and maybe just wash your hands instead!

6. Ask your friends and family to help you

You may not realize that you bite your nails as often as you do, and by the time you do, the damage is often already done.

You can ask people around you to remind you not to bite your nails - you decide how cruel or nice to have them be.

Not only does it give you accountability and better visibility for your nail biting habit, but it also gives you the support you need to stop it.

7. Carry chews

You read that right: chewing. A company called Ark makes a silicone Saber Tooth collar for anyone (ages 5 and up) who needs to chew. You can choose your color and hardness on a scale from soft to extra-extra hard. This type of device may work best if you are aware that you are biting your nails.

Instead of biting your nails to focus or calm yourself, you can replace your nails with the necklace.

Note: You may want to discuss using chew toys with your dentist. Chewing on anything - fingernails or otherwise - can damage your teeth or jawbone.

8. Concentrate on each finger

Maybe the all-or-nothing approach doesn't work well for you. Instead, the American Academy of Dermatology suggests breaking the habit by focusing on one nail at a time. You can start with your thumbs. When you've successfully stopped biting your nails for about a week, continue with your index fingers. Proceed in the order that suits you best and move on.

9. Keep going

You can't expect to stop nail biting overnight. In fact, you may have heard that it takes 21 days to break a habit. This character was popularized by a 1960's book called The New Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. A 2009 study showed that the time it takes to break a habit isn't really that clear or linear with its progression.

What's the lesson here? Take your time before dismissing your efforts. If you persevere, the hard work should pay off.

10. Look at your teeth

You may have lost your dental hygiene routine, but biting your nails can seriously affect the health of your mouth.

Biting your nails can cause problems down the line, like cracked and chipped teeth. Use this as motivation to stop nail biting - unless you really want to sit in that dentist chair...

11. Do your nails

When you spend your hard-earned cash on a new manicure or paint your nails with a nice new nail polish, you're less likely to bite them.

Why? It's money out the window, isn't it.

Not only that, but you took the time to complete them, so ruining it by biting your nails is a double whammy.

Go ahead, treat yourself and see if it can help your nail biting!

12. Make your nails taste bad

If something tastes bad, you don't want to put it in your mouth, do you? Try applying it to your nails.

Not only can it help you associate the habit with something negative, but it can also put an end to the distraction of nail biting — because sometimes you don't even realize you're biting your nails until it's too late.

There are already many nasty-tasting formulas on the market that you can put on your nails, but here are some natural ways to make those nails unchewed:

Take out the vinegar

This bitter-tasting ingredient is probably ready and waiting in your kitchen cupboard to put an end to your nail-biting problems!

Whether it's malt, cider, or wine vinegar, dilute a few drops in water and dip your fingernails in (maybe not if you have broken skin).

Let it dry naturally on your nails and serve as a spongy reminder to stop nail biting.

Garlic breath for your nails

Approaching someone who has just eaten what looks like a bulb of garlic in one sitting is no fun.

Apply the same garlic overload to your nails and avoid them too!

All you have to do is chop some garlic (a few cloves will do) and put it in some olive oil and let it steep for at least a day.

Once it's nice and sparkling, apply the mixture to your nails and let dry. The olive oil will nourish you and the unpleasant smell of garlic will remind you not to bite your nails. 

Pinch your nails with neem oil

Neem oil is made by pressing the seeds and fruits of the neem plant.

It is extremely bitter in nature and is a reminder to stop biting your nails. Simply apply to nails and let dry.

Try some bitter gourd

Bitter gourd is a common vegetable used in Asian cuisine, celebrated for its naturally bitter taste.

Also known as bitter gourd or bitter melon, this vegetable is very potent when used alone.

Its bitter taste is sure to discourage you from biting your nails and leaves a gag-worthy taste in your mouth when you decide to snack.

You can either mash up bitter gourd, apply the juice to your nails and let it dry, or find a pre-made bitter gourd nail conditioner on the market.

Try aloe vera

Although aloe vera gel doesn't have the most unpleasant smell in the world, it still doesn't taste good.

Try dipping your fingertips in aloe gel and leaving it there to see if it stops your nail biting.

There is no guarantee that any of these natural nail biting treatments will work for you, but I hope you feel inspired to try some of them at home.

If they work, you've got an inexpensive way to keep the nail-biting at bay - a winner!

13. Reward every small win

Whether you made it, got through a whole day without biting your nails, or made it through your first month without biting your nails, be sure to celebrate!

Plan rewards for these milestones, such as B. a nice manicure or buying a nice piece of clothing that you have been wanting for a while.

This positive reinforcement should help you break the habit forever.

And remember, if you're biting your nails, don't be too hard on yourself, just acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes and start over - you get it!

14. Cut them short

If you keep your nails short by clipping or filing them, you're less likely to bite them.

It seems pretty obvious, but with fewer fingernails there's less to bite and by default it's less tempting.

15. Stay busy

If you feel like biting your nails, try to keep your hands busy. Play with a stress ball or something that will distract you.

16. Try to stop gradually

It can be helpful to consider a gradual approach to breaking your habit. Try stopping first to chew a pair of fingernails, e.g. B. Your thumbnail.

If you're successful, then start removing other nails with the ultimate goal of stopping all together.

Conclusion on how to stop nail biting in 9 minutes

Quitting nail biting is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It may seem so impossible at first that you might not see a drastic change right away, but with a lot of effort, your nail biting habit would be cured less quickly than you think.

So I urge you to follow these step-by-step procedures to quit nail biting in 9 minutes that I took the time to write just for you. If you can do everything I said, you will overcome it forever. Please also note that if this persists, it is time to see your doctor as soon as possible.

I hope you learned something new today. If so, please take a minute of your time to share the gospel by clicking one of the SHARE buttons below.

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