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How to meet bazaar people in Dying Light 2

Stuck in the Dying Light The Only Way Out Quest? Some game objectives are quite easy, others are not. One of the most confusing is the “meet the bazaar people” objective. There is no clear location marker and the quest description doesn't give you any details.

How to meet bazaar people in Dying Light 2

Don't worry, here's what to do to complete Dying Light 2's goal of meeting the bazaar people.
Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out: How to start the quest

After completing the Markers of Plague main quest, which unlocks Dying Light 2 co-op mode, The Only Way Out will start automatically. His main goal is to "hang out at the bazaar". It's simple, just follow the yellow location marker until you reach the Survivor's Enclave. You can also see the location (a greenhouse) on your map.

Immediately after entering, the quest objective changes to "Meet the bazaar people". When using your Survivor Sense (Q) you will notice that some NPCs have a green aura. Those are the people you can talk to.

Two of these survivors are essential to the quest: Carlos and Julian. Immediately upon entering you will meet Carlos and Julian is a little further to the right. Accept the following quests from them:

  • Carlos: The spark of invention
  • Julian: Well done!

How to complete Dying Light 2 objective Meet the bazaar people

Here's the problem: the only way out remains the same even after you've talked to all the necessary people in the bazaar. It looks like you'll need to complete both side quests first, so here's a quick guide to both. If you want to avoid spoilers, just click and continue the quests on your own.

The Spark of Invention

  • Collect two electric coins. You may have found them before starting the quest.
  • Return to Carlos in the bazaar and give him the coins.
  • Turn on the device outside and then go to the goat pen. Talk to Carlos to complete the quest.
  • applause
  • Go to the target location to save Hans. You need a hook to open the door. Then talk to his wife.
  • Follow the marker again to find Hans on a rooftop.
  • Then go to Marco's location. You have to shoot down the enemies before you can enter the building.
  • Marco will ask you to help him clean up the building. Go to the lower floor and defeat the infected.
  • After all, you are faced with a choice: help Marco or tell the truth. If you denounce him, you must defeat him. Watch out, he's a pretty tough boss.

Now that it's done, you can return to the bazaar to turn in the side quest. This will update the lens. You are now free to continue The Only Way Out.

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