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4 Of the Best Cheap Digital Cameras

4 Of the Best Cheap Digital Cameras  -  With the proliferation of high quality camera phones available it's difficult to appear too far beyond your cellular phone like a decent photo taker but, in fact, you will find there's gulf of difference between most cell phone cameras and even a few of the cheap cameras in the marketplace. The dedicated functions, improved sensor quality, as well as the shape and feel of the digicam turn it into a greater than worthwhile investment. Here are four with the best cheap video cameras available.   

Olympus SP-620UZ   

The Olympus SP-620UZ includes a 16.6MP CCD Sensor with 21x optical zoom. It can be a bridge camera but is surprisingly compact in their size and also the 110 asking price implies that it falls within the budget category. It doesn't contain the raft of manual features that you could expect from a DSLR or bridge camera however it is a perfect choice if you want something with ultrazoom but don't are looking for to pay hundreds pounds in the process.  

 Nikon Coolpix S6400   

The Nikon Coolpix S6400 is a superb travel compact camera that costs around 160. It has a large numbers of features also it does everything it efforts to flourish. 16MP CMOS sensor and 12x optical zoom offer high quality photos as the 3 inch touchscreen is often a joy to work with. You can record entirely HD and there are lots of scene modes and direct controls that make sure you get the photo you need each and every time.   

Canon Ixus 230   

The Canon Ixus 230 is one with the best cheap video cameras money can buy rather than only as it would be available for below 50 although that obviously helps. It features a 12.1MP CMOS sensor and 8 zoom lens. One from the great benefits of the Ixus is that it is absolutely simple to utilize; literally a point and shoot tool and the one that gives you great looking photos with very little effort. It will record video in 720p HD on the touch of the mouse and carries a good collection of art filters and also other settings from which to choose too.   

Nikon Coolpix S3300   

The Nikon Coolpix S3300 is one kind of, or even the lowest priced compact cameras around. You can purchase one for lower than 30 knowing where to take a look. It includes a 16MP CCD sensor along with a 6x optical zoom lens. It is thin and lightweight, too, that makes it ideal for slipping to your pocket or handbag if you are not using it. It also has vibration reduction plus a host of features and settings to ensure that you get the image you want and never a detailed approximation.   Cheap Digital Cameras   Choosing the best cheap digital camera models means locating the the one that is best suited for your preferences. 

If you're after something comparable to a disposable camera, primarily with regards to cost it's virtually impossible to look past the Coolpix S3300 which should fit within your budget, no matter how tight it can be. The Olympus and the Coolpix offer more features and improved settings while the Ixus is one of the simplest cameras you can hope to utilize.

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