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Best Outdoor WiFi Security Camera 1080P Wireless Night Vision Security Cameras with Two-Way Audio

 At first I was really disappointed with this camera based on my initial unboxing and setting it up right next to me where I have my computer, however, the more I played around with it and explored the functionality of it in the required app, the more I began to like what the camera can do.
First, the camera came packaged nicely. It included the security camera that has attached to it a decent sized cable that splits into 3 different ends. The first end is an open power cable connector female end. This is where you would attach the power adapter male end into in order to provide power to the camera. The second connection end is a LAN port connection if you wanted to connect to the camera to a live network cable connection. Last, the third connection is a reset button that is used to factory reset the camera. Also included was the instructions, a connection cover for the LAN connection (I'm guessing to protect if using the camera outside), and finally a set of mounting screws to mount the camera to a wall.

So in my initial testing, I followed the instructions and downloaded the appropriate app by using QR code provided and it downloaded an APK file that I had to side load to my phone. It's not an app in the Google App Store, so you'll need to know how to side load APK applications. I have Android phone so unfortunately I can't speak to what the experience will be like for anybody with an Apple phone. Once the app was loaded, I followed the instructions in both the instruction book and the app of powering the camera up and after about 20 to 30 seconds the camera prompted me by voice to scan the QR code the app was prompting me to show to the camera. It eventually connected to my local wifi connection in this process and then you had to finish the setup in the app to name the camera. I left all the defaults and started just seeing what the app could do.

The app - there are pros and cons in my opinion. I'll talk about the good first and go into bad afterwards. The camera showed a picture of the camera as a still frame image. When I clicked on that image, it loaded the actual camera feed. It was definitely the live feed of the camera. It has a slight delay to it ... but that's to be somewhat expected because it's processing from the camera through the interwebs to the app, but it's only a slight delay.. milliseconds at worst.

One thing I noticed in my testing is that the camera didn't default to HD feed, so I found where to change that setting in the app and it definitely made the video quality better. In testing it out I actually cupped my hand too closely around the lenses of the camera and I noticed in the app the video feed went dark. Come to find out that was the built-in night vision mode of the camera. I moved the camera back away from me and the video feed went back to light. I noticed as I moved it the lens lights on the camera that they turned red. As soon as the video feed went to color mode again, the red lights turned off.

You use the Mic on the live video feed by pressing the mic button and talking. The camera will playback what you say as you are saying it - again a slight delay as you are saying it. The audio button in the app needs to be pressed to be enabled in order to hear audio from the camera feed. I don't remember if this was a default setting or not, but pressing and depressing the audio speaker icon will enable/disable the sound. DO NOT TEST AUDIO AND MIC WHILE ANYWHERE NEAR THE CAMERA. At first in all my testing I was getting AWFUL REVERB of ALL SOUND and I couldn't figure out why. I thought the camera was bad because of how it was doing this. But as it turns out, I went into another room to do the test and that issue went away and in the app I could hear great sound and the people in the room could hear when I talked to them from the mic in the app. I walked back into the room with my phone and the app and the AWFUL REVERB situation happened again. So I was pleased to know that situation was just by being in proximity of the camera.

Here's the big con to the app. As far as I can tell, in order to save any video, you need to subscribe to the cloud service offered by the app. Honestly I don't want to do that right now. BUT ... for what I am doing with the camera, I'm OK with not having a service to record the video feeds and to just have the 2 way audio and video functionality this camera gives me. I also turned off the in-app alarms for motion and audio triggers. Because I'm not subscribing to the cloud service for saving the video feed, I don't really need the alarm notifications on my phone.

One last thing... I left the camera up and running in my house kind of hidden but in full view of my kitchen and living room. I went out to dinner with my wife and decided to have a little bit of fun with my kids and their grandma who were still at my house. Through the app, we starting making some weird noises and pointing out what they were doing because I was watching them through the app while I was many miles away from my house at a restaurant with my wife. Ultimately they found the camera and we all had a good laugh, but I just wanted to let you know that while I was at the restaurant on 4G service, I was able to open the app on my phone and see a live view of everything and have 2 way audio communication.

In the end I'm happy with this camera. I wasn't happy with it at first, but I'm glad I decided to keep playing around with it because it turned out be better than my first impression. While this camera doesn't have all the bangs and whistles you get with some more expensive camera setups, for the price you get a security camera that has really good video feed, good audio quality, and an OK app to use with it. The camera does everything it says it is supposed to do. If you are looking for a security camera that has a great price and can essentially be plug and play and quickly mounted, you should definitely consider this camera.

1080P FHD Night Vision

Equipped with 4mm 1/3’ CMOS lens& 18 850um wavelength far infrared lights, night vision ranges around 33 feet in low light possibly pitch dark using a clear image.

1080P HD resolution gives you an obvious and realistic scene. Keep your monitoring no more time-limited.

SD Card and AWS Cloud Storage

Cloud Service & SD Card Storage is accessible on your wifi outdoor home security camera . Depends on your decision.

Save motion triggered videos in your SD card and upload it for the Cloud swiftly. No worries for missing anything, even though your device is stolen or microSD card is broken.Cloud keeps your footage secured around the cloud and protected from theft and damage.

IOS/ Android/ Windows Compatible
Our wifi camera home security camera is IOS/ Android/ PC compatible. The only thing you should do is register a forex account of mobile app. Just connect outdoor wifi surveillance camera to YCC365Plus.

Share cute clips of the baby or pet with family and friends. Or just capture as soon as, monitor and Safe made simple.

Outdoor and Home Securtiy Camera, Keep Your Safe Day and Night

Let You Watch Over What You Love from Every Angle, Indoors and Outdoors, Day and Night, Rain or Shine.
Watch over your property inside the crystal-clear 1080P HD video, to see the visitors everywhere you look. With instant motion detection and App alerts, You can see what is happening from your smartphone, tablet, and PC.

Boost your own home security with the outdoor wireless security camera. Save videos captured through your wireless cameras and review them anytime. Or you can share it with family.

Keep an eye on what matters to you, from anywhere.

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