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Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 Adds Video Recording

Fujifilm Instax Square SQ20 Adds Video Recording - We liked, but didn't love the initial Fujifilm hybrid camera, the Instax Square SQ10. It cost a bit too much at launch (Fujifilm later dropped the purchase price) and was very finicky about printing images business cameras, something it turned out supposedly capable of singing.
The Fujifilm SQ20, announced today, launches while using built-in price correction. It's debuting at $199.95, compared while using $279.95 initial price of the SQ10. Features are typically a similar. The half-inch image sensor, 2.7-inch rear LCD, and body design are unchanged from the SQ10. It supports Instax Square film, and includes filters that enable you to apply artistic effects or convert photos to black-and-white before printing.

Video capture is the place the SQ20 differentiates itself from the predecessor, but you defintely won't be recording video for Instagram Stories. The SQ20 records 800-by-800 pixel footage at 15fps, without sound, with clips limited by 15 seconds in length.

Fujifilm Instax Square Devices

The choppy, silent video is destined for just one purpose—frame grabs.

A full clip provides you with 225 frames, any one of which may be printed. You'll also have the ability to leverage video to print collages with as much as four fames on one print, or to show motion blur in shots. The Sequence filter uses transparency to exhibit motion before most of your image, which can be suitable for conveying a feeling of action within your instant photos.

The camera's of memory space are only able to hold two clips (or 50 images), so you'll want to add a microSD card to supplement the modest internal storage. We'll find out if Fujifilm has created it simpler to print images using their company cameras with all the SQ20, or if you're still better off getting the dedicated Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3 printer to the purpose.

The SQ20 continues on sale on October 20th for $199.95. It's pricing $249.99 in Canada. You can buy it inside your choice of Glossy Beige or Matte Black finish.

Fujifilm also announced new colors for its analog Instax Square SQ6 square-format instant camera. In addition to the three colors which launched earlier this year—Pearl White, Blush Gold, and Graphite Gray—you'll also get Aqua Blue and Ruby Red options starting the following month for the same $129.95 (US) and $159.99 (CAD) price tag.

In other Fujifilm news today, the company announced its GFX 50R medium format camera, set to ship the coming year. It also unveiled another GFX model under development with a 100MP image sensor with in-body stabilization, phase detection focus, and 4K video capture. No model name or another info is offered by this time.

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