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Will The New Razr Phone Come In Pink? The Color Options Are Limited

If you're still nostalgic regarding the days if you sported an OG flip phone, you'll be excited to listen to about the reinvented razr phone that's also been announced. You'll be able to flip and text just as the old days about the new razr. When it comes to the classic colors you can remember the phone in, there's a chance you're wondering if your new razr phone will come in pink. Unlike its iconic predecessor, the brand new razr will only be for sale in one sleek hue.
Will The New Razr Phone Come In Pink? The Color Options Are Limited

The new razr, which has been dubbed "the world's first smartphone that flips closed," is getting a modern update that'll rival other smartphones on the market. The new pone is being introduced in one color option, Noir, which is a sleek black aesthetic. The minimalistic approach of the new razr significantly differs from the old RAZR model, which came in just about every color of the rainbow in 2006.

Though the aesthetic of the razr may be different this time around — with the notable lack of a pink color option — Motorola is staying true to the cool flipping capability fans loved to use in the old RAZR. The new compact razr also flips when closed and will fit easily in your pocket when you're out and about, and it's got some cool updates to make phone use more convenient and efficient. While flip closed, you can still easily access the Quick View 2.7-inch gOLED screen display, which lets you see everything on the front of your phone when it's closed, so you can play music, take pics, and see notifications. When you want to access all the aspects of your device, just flip the cover of your phone and it will open to a glossy interactive display that has a full-length 6.2-inch pOLED foldable touch screen.

Courtesy of Motorola

The new razr runs Android 9 and has an impressive 128 GB of storage, so you'll have plenty of space to store all your photos and download all your favorite games. There is a whole slew of other swanky perks the new razr comes with, including an updated all-day battery life, a TurboPower capability, and a Night Vision camera feature.

The new take on the OG new gadget will cost $1,499.99, and again, it is only available in black. You can pre-order the device beginning on Dec. 26 on and The razr will also be available at some select Walmart locations beginning in January 2020, which is when the phone will start shipping out, so I'd keep an eye out for more news on the exact date. Get ready to ring in the new year with a blast from the past.

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