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How Mazda Car Parts are Different

How Mazda Car Parts are Different - Mazda car parts differ from traditional engines parts in the fact that Mazda uses rotary engines. A rotary engine, like its counterparts, is an internal combustion engine but does not incorporate the use of pistons.

A piston engine performs four different functions. Those functions are intake, compression, combustion and exhaust. The rotary engine requires the same functions to take place in order to provide power, but the four functions are segmented in different parts of the encasing.

Also, like the normal internal combustion engine, the rotary engine uses the pressure, created by the burning of the fuel, to create power. This power is produced in one specific portion of the housing which is captured by one facet of the triangular rotor. This process is what the rotary engine uses instead of the pistons of the combustible engine.

Therefore, Mazda car parts of rotary engines are different than the car parts found in an internal combustion engine. Two of those significant differences are the rotor and the housing


The Mazda car part known as the rotor has three curved facets. The look of this Mazda car part takes on the appearance of a triangle. However, instead of the sides of the triangle being straight they are curved. Each one of these facets is comparable, in operation, to the piston of a normal engine. Each part of the three faceted rotor has a depression that maximizes the displacement of the engine and allows room for the fuel mixture.

At the top of each of the three facets is a metallic blade that combines with the other facets to form a bond to the outer portion of the combustion chamber. Additionally, on the sides of the rotor, are rings made of metal that also seal to the sides of the chamber.

In the middle portion of the designed inner chamber are ridged gear teeth that allow for the union of the gear that is affixed to the housing.


The outward housing of this Mazda car part is somewhat oval in shape. This particular shape of the area, where the combustion takes place, is designed specifically so that the three separate tips of the curved triangles of the rotor will always stay in touch with the parameters of the chamber. This process results in the formation of three separate sealed quantities of fuel.

Again, there are four separate parts to the housing unit and each is segmented to handle one part of the motor’s combustion process.

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