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Two High Performance Car Parts to Maximize a Car's Engine

Two High Performance Car Parts to Maximize a Car's Engine- High performance car parts can be installed as individual auto parts or a combination of auto parts that enhance your car’s performance. When equipped with these high performance car parts, the showcasing of the vehicle or its racing performance is maximized.
Two High Performance Car Parts to Maximize a Car's Engine

There are many high performance car parts available on the market for the serious car racer or admirer of car machinery. These parts are designed to work in concert with the major systems found within the automobile. Two of the high performance car parts, that will maximize the horsepower of your machine, are the air filter and carburetor.


A critical high performance car part is one that works with the air intake system. The right mixture of air into the high performance engine maximizes the capability of the motor and also increases horsepower. That high performance car part is a non-traditional air filter.

By simply replacing an OEM, original equipment manufacturer, with an air filter that provides a full circle radial flow, dead spots are eliminated. This 360 degree airflow capability allows for a higher flow of air. Also coupled with this range of airflow, the pleating of the air filter has a larger and deeper surface. This combination surface minimizes the buildup of large amounts of dirt. Therefore, this air filter provides for maximum airflow and optimum filtration of residue. Replacing the standard air filter with this high-performance car part may possibly increase the horsepower of your engine by eight to 10 horses.


The carburetor of an automobile is that mechanical device that allows for the mixture of air and fuel. This car part is generally mounted on top of the engine and the mixture of air and fuel is burned as part of an internal combustion engine system. Present day cars utilize a fuel injection system and no longer depend upon carburetors to fuel the engine. However, previous cars utilized the carburetor to provide the proper mixture of air and gasoline to fuel the engine

On earlier high performance cars, a high performance car part that may be indicated is a modified carburetor that will maximize the engine’s horsepower capacity. These carburetors are customized and calibrated. This customization is accomplished by providing the proper sizing of the throttle bores and fuel delivery which maximizes the revolutions per minute. In addition, the high performance cars have installed multiple barreled carburetors to optimize the power delivery of the high-performance engine.

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