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The Must-Have Car and Truck Accessories

It does not matter whether you prefer to drive a car or a truck as the minimum requirements in terms of car and truck accessories are the same. If you want your vehicle to give you excellent service for years to come, you will have to take make a serious effort to take care of it. This is where the importance of car accessories comes into the picture. There is many a car and truck accessory that is used for beautifying the vehicle and there are others which are meant for protecting it. This article will throw a light on the latter category.
Your Car and Truck Accessory Priority List

The Must-Have Car and Truck Accessories

1.  Car cover

This is the first and foremost car and truck accessory that everyone should have. Whether you are parking your car inside or outside, the vehicle will need to be protected from dust, humidity, pollution, people’s scratching it, and so on. Hence, a car cover should always be there handy and ready for use, whenever the vehicle is to be parked for a period of a day or longer.

2.  Splash guards

a decade or so ago, all splash guards were categorized in small, medium and large and you would have to choose the most appropriate ones for your vehicle. Gone are those days - now, the splash guards come customized to the vehicle types and they look great, besides the fact that it protects the vehicle from getting splattered by mud, debris and grime.

3.  Brake Dust shields

unless you have an excellent brake dust shield, you will have to clean up your wheel caps every other day – not a task that anyone would look forward to.

The brake shields which are placed just inside the hub cap will ensure that no dust settles on your shiny and beautiful wheels. This car and truck accessory is extremely cost-effective and practical.

4.  Brush guards

there are many times when you will have to drive your vehicle through foliage, off-the-road, bad roads, close to plants and shrubs, etc. During this time, if your vehicle is not fitted with a stainless steel brush guard(s), you will risk having it scratched and damaged. Sometimes, even simple things like driving to the zoo, or a picnic spot, will provide such a scenario. Do no think that if you live in a city, you will never have to encounter such circumstances. Your best bet would be to get this car and truck accessory installed ASAP.

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