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4 Ways to Boost Your Luxury Car Rental Business

Know your Target Market

Marketing your luxury car rental business to the right target market can make all the difference. Some potential clientele could include:
  • Businesses with high profile out of town clients who need a luxury car rental to get around the city.
  • High school students who would like to pool in and get a luxury car rental for prom night.
  • Organizations such as libraries that could have a ‘Ride in a luxury car rental’ as a grand prize for completing the summer reading program.
  • Brides and grooms who want to do something different than the limo and perhaps arrive to the wedding reception or the church in a Hummer!
Advertise on websites and magazines that specifically target the above demographics. Use coupon codes in your advertising so that you know which magazine or site is bringing you the best return on your marketing dollar.
4 Ways to Boost Your Luxury Car Rental Business

Build Brand Loyalty

Establish a brand loyalty for your luxury car rental business by encouraging repeat customers. Often coupons and special deals found on and offline read ‘for new clients only’ in the fine print. What about those people who have put their trust in you the first time around? Shouldn’t they get rewarded for making the wise choice? As part of your invoice, include what special rate the customer can receive if he chooses to use your luxury car rental service again.

This can prove fruitful especially with corporate accounts because if you establish a good rapport, they can begin using your luxury car rental business for all their out of town or VIP clients as well as for top management perks.

Set up and maintain a Great Website

Customers who can spend a large sum of money on a luxury car rental often do not have much time to stand in line at a rental car office and fill out endless paperwork. By having a great website where customers can reserve online, you will be tapping in to a larger market. Offer a pick up service and other frills like a driver and a Global Positioning System,

Find Marketing Partners

Look for products and services that your target market would use and strike deals with those firms. For example, if large corporations make up a big chunk of your client base, negotiate deals with high end hotels where they might put up their out of town guests. Or if movie producers use your luxury car rental agency for filming purposes, talk to local studios to let you advertise with them.

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