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Testing Out Apple Liquid Silicone Solo Loop And Yarn Braided Solo Loop : Measuring, Sizing, & Comparison!

Along while using launch in the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple debuted the Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop bands. We've been using them and here are our impressions, in addition to a examine each with the colors.

Testing Out Apple Liquid Silicone Solo Loop And Yarn Braided Solo Loop : Measuring, Sizing, & Comparison!

Both the Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop use a one-piece design. Rather than a two-part design, just like the classic Sports Band, these two are one long loop. As such, they may be needed to be around in a number of sizes — nine to become exact.

Sizing guide for Apple Solo Loop bands

Apple produces a free sizing guide available through its website that you should print in your house. Just print, trim, and wrap it around your wrist and will also tell you the size of band you must order.

In my case, I got right between a seven plus an eight. I ordered an eight and when I ordered again, I'd probably select the seven. The eight was fine, but borderline loose. Oxygen reading and ECG readings would benefit from a somewhat snugger fit.

If you are going into an Apple Store — assuming its open — Apple has sizing guides available there also.

Solo Loop

As the cheaper option, most users may pick the Solo Loop over the Braided Solo Loop, mainly because it costs $49 and is also accessible in seven colors. The (PRODUCT)RED version wasn't offered at launch, and then we found the remainder colors.

Solo Loop black on Apple Watch Series 6

Once we opened it, we had arrived surprised how flexible this rock band was. It was very soft and stretchy, reaching greater than double its original size at full extension.

The back in the band carries a slight channel that will aid airflow which will help prevent sweat buildup. It's quite just like the Sports Band.

All the shades of Apple's Solo Loop minus (PRODUCT)RED

Apple says this rock band consists of liquid silicone and its particular elasticity is the vital thing to its function. It stretches to go onto your wrist and keeps your watch fairly snug against your wrist while still remaining quite comfortable.

In our experience, the newest Solo Loop is much more comfortable than the standard Sports Band.

The Solo Loop is accessible in Pink Citrus, Deep Navy, Cyprus Green, Ginger, Black, and White. We aren't certain that we have a very favorite, though the Deep Navy can be a solid contender for that new blue aluminum Apple Watch Series 6.

Braided Solo Loop

The Braided Solo Loop can be a bit pricier at $99, with four colors from the woven band on the market at launch. It comes in Atlantic Blue, Inverness Green, Charcoal Black, Pink Punch, as well as a still unavailable (PRODUCT)RED.

Three colors from the Braided Solo Loop

These bands are made from recycled yarn interwoven with silicone threads to restore almost as stretchy as Solo Loops, but with a classier look.

These have metal caps on either end to the lugs, which are inserted into the Apple Watch. These fit well but at angles, the silver metal might be slightly visible, which can be a negative if you use a Graphite stainless or Space Grey Apple Watch.

The silver is just too obvious and takes away from the dark aesthetic, even if it can be minor.

Active users may choose to Solo Loop for the Braided Solo Loop because the yarn will probably store sweat easier. We see pointless this band cant be rinse and washed, but the liquid silicone may perhaps be a much better workout material.

Apple's Braided Solo Loop and Solo Loop bands

There are fewer colors in the Braided Solo Loop. Again we were particular to the Blue which looked great with the Space Black Series 5, and also the green seemed to be a handsome selection for us.

The Charcoal only agreed to be about all the way up black, in spite of the name implying a little bit of grey.

Both of those new forms of band are welcomed, and the Braided Solo Loop is the thing that we chose when getting our new Apple Watch. It only runs you $50 over the base price of the Apple Watch, what's best than buying an Apple Watch with one more Sport Band and taking on the additional $99 for your Braided Solo Loop.

One note though is these have a very slightly tapered lug in their mind making them only compatible with the redesigned Apple Watch, meaning it will fit the Series 4, Series 5, and Series 6, and not the Series 3 and earlier.

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