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YouTube Music rolling out a basic ‘2020 Year in Review’ playlist

Following Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay, YouTube Music’s 2020 Year in Review is officially rolling out today. It’s a rather straightforward playlist featuring the “songs you paid attention to essentially the most this season.” 

YouTube Music rolling out a basic ‘2020 Year in Review’ playlist

“My 2020 Year in Review” will appear under a “Songs from the year” carousel in YouTube Music’s main Home feed. There’s a preview in the artists included, with users able to save the playlist for their library. You can also download for offline playback, however, you cannot share it.

The quantity of songs included varies around 90 to 100. It’s not stated if the tracks are ranked according to frequency, but that appears to be the truth within my playlist.

Compared to Spotify Wrapped, it’s quite basic and lacks any stats or even the capability to share fun graphics to Instagram/Snapchat, though we spotted that feature in development. It’s also significantly less full-featured as Apple Music Replay with basic artist breakdowns.

Nevertheless, it’s a marked improvement from nothing in past a number of hopefully the YouTube Music team will continue to iterate advancing.

The main carousel provides an overall “Top Songs of 2020” playlist, and also top: Jazz, Viral Songs, Gospel, Regional Mexicano, Pop, Adult Alternative, Indie, and Afropop.

Google confirmed to us that it’s starting to roll out to all or any users starting today. You might encounter the 2020 hits section first, but a lot more users start to determine the Year in Review with the very left.

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