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How to Remove Bernie's Background and Paste Him Anywhere

If you want to give rise to the latest Bernie photo craze ahead of the meme plays itself out—which is going to be sometime round the end from the week—it’s not too challenging to cut out Bernie-Sanders-on-a-chair and splice him into whatever image you desire. However, to avoid wasting a amount of time, you may also use a version of Bernie that a person else already green-screened:


Photo: Brendan Smialowski (Getty Images)

If you would like to find some good practice doing the long-and-arduous route, access the standard image of Bernie in the tool like Photopea (or Photoshop) and reduce the background with all the Magic Wand or Quick Selection features, or by carefully with all the eraser. (I recommended duplicating your Bernie image in a very second layer, in the event you must add areas of him last which you accidentally remove).


© Screenshot: David Murphy

You may also be a bit lazy about it and make use of one with the many different online tools accessible to remove the history in your case. Results can vary greatly, so consider using a few tools until you’re really pleased with the clip job.

Once you’re successful, you’ll simply need to load a genuine image into Photopea (or Photoshop, or whatever) and incorporate your clipped-out Bernie Sanders like a new layer. Going viral will be as easy as that. Right?

If this all appears like a lot of work, worry not. People are already beginning to make “Bernie Sanders Meme” generators, which officially means we’re near maximum meme penetration for this one. But even if you seem like you’ve missed the boat generally speaking Bernie Sanders-in-a-chair meme, these tips are applicable to anything you want to cut and paste over something else. Get some practice in prior to the next viral meme outbreak and you’re well on your way to as a possible influencer. I just understand it.

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