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Prevent Your Puppy From Jumping

Learning how to stop a puppy jumping is something you should start right away.

Jumping puppies are a natural thing when young to attract attention and feed them in the wild by licking their mother's face to encourage food belching. Showing your puppy that he will not be noticed while jumping should be encouraged from a young age. It can often sound funny when a puppy is very small, but if your dog weighs up to 35kg and can jump 1.5 meters high, it's not that much fun.

If you don't stop jumping when your puppy is young, when your puppy is growing up and becoming a bigger dog, it soon becomes a more dominant appearance that requires your attention.

If your pup jumps, just turn around and go. Ignore, make eye contact, talk to, or touch your puppy.
Keep ignoring, then wait 5 minutes for your pup to calm down, then call your pup.
If your puppy doesn't stop, isolate him by leaving the room or moving to another room.
Puppy Jumps Over Visitors:

If your pup picks up on your visitors, have them do the same thing as above. It can also be helpful to hold the puppy by the collar or leash until it relaxes, and then let go of it. If your puppy chooses to bite you, isolate him or her in another room or crate immediately.
Puppy jumps towards you as he prepares for the hike:

Lower the leash and wait 10 minutes, or for your puppy to calm down, then try again. This is important, and even if you fancy a walk, do not rush!

Prevent Your Puppy From Jumping

Important instructions:

  • It is very important not to speak, stay calm, and not say a word when your puppy is jumping. Remember, your pup is an attention grabbing machine!
  • Your puppy is jumping and entering space is not his way of saying I love you!
  • Space is very important for a dog and if they can get inside yours when they want they will lose all respect for you.
  • How would you feel if someone was constantly intruding into your room! It's more similar than you might think !!
  • Begin as he wants to continue. When your puppy is calm, you can call and hug him.
  • If you are ignoring your pup, keep your arms crossed and walk the pup with confidence and firmness.

 The two most common mistakes:

Inconsistency: watch out for the jumping puppy sometimes!

  1. People make eye contact ... It invites your puppy not to make eye contact but to focus on something else.
  2. Another tip that will help is teaching your pup to sit for anything! If you can get your pup to do lots of sit-ups, by default he will sit up when called, and not jump!

For more information on puppy training, see The Online Dog Trainer; is a great source of fascinating information that covers everything you need to know about raising a happy puppy in videos. 

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