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How to make the cookies from 'The Squid Game'

How to make the cookies from 'The Squid Game' Dalgona cookies have become all the rage in recent days due to the popular Netflix series 'The Squid Game'. These Korean sweets can be found at street stalls. The word as such means "to be sweet" and it is a cookie that contains baking soda and sugar, which makes it grow in volume and is easy to eat.

How to make the cookies from 'The Squid Game'

Why has it been linked to the series? Because it is a sweet that is usually given to children when they play. They have a shape in the center of the cookie and the idea is to eat it without breaking the shape it carries.

To cook the dalgona it is necessary to have the two ingredients mentioned before and respect the cooking time of the sugar, because if it burns it will come out bitter. Nor can it take that long to print the area with the mold because the sugar will crystallize and will not leave a mark.

Steps to follow to make the cookies from 'The Squid Game'

The blog 'I'm going to be a cook' gives some guidelines in a YouTube video on how to cook Korean cookies. The steps to follow are those:

1) Put sugar in a saucepan (500 grams for 10 cookies) and melt it over medium-high heat and stir it from time to time.

2) Once it takes color and caramelizes, the fire will turn off and the bicarbonate (20 grams) will have to be added. At that time it will be necessary to stir quickly so that it foams.

3) The dough is poured onto a parchment paper and pressed into the shape of a cookie.

4) The last step is to make the mark with a cookie mold to put the shape of your choice. They will have to be left to cool and they will be ready for consumption.

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