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The Correct Purpose of Buying Toys For Kids

The Correct Purpose of Buying Toys For Kids - When buying toys for kids in the shopping mall, almost every parent have the same wish that the toys they bought should be beneficial to develop children's intelligence. It is can be easily understood that parents want their children to become the society elites in the future. However, they often ignore one aspect that is moral character. Of course, intelligence plays an important role of acquiring achievement, but the effect from moral character should not be neglected.
One American psychologist had carried out a 30-year follow-up survey in which 1528 children with 151 intelligence quotient index were attended and finally found that the achiever among them were the people who had extraordinary perseverance and endurance. What's more, they had very strong self-confidence and ambitious to do everything, in many cases, they paid more attention on the things they were interested and put forward ingenious ideas. One research carried out by China scientists also showed that the ranking of the factors that influenced success were successively faith, determination, hard work, interests, self-confidence, ambition, sense of responsibility. The common view was that all these characteristics were developed through playing with toys or games in their childhood.

One father wrote an article about how to develop children's intelligence after his daughter won the national top ten students. In this article, he revealed that he always practice his daughter's eyesight, hearing function and language skills through playing with toys in the childhood. For example, how to get things exactly, how to sit upright and stand upright, how to get along with children, how to stimulate children's interest in learning, how to brush your teeth, how to wash face, how to take a bath and so on are mentioned. All in all, toys play an important role in the development process.

In many families, parents are willing to spend money on buying all kinds of toys such as stuffed toys, wooden toys or musical toys for children. However, they just spend less time on playing toys with children. Therefore they don't observe children's behaviors carefully and inspire them. One kindergarten teacher says when children play with toys, parents and teachers should give more guidance and comments during the process, which is so important. Some parents say the purpose of buying toys for kids is let kids play by their own and not to bother them because they are so busy. Obviously, it is a wrong standpoint that should be corrected. As parents, it is your responsibility to play with toys with kids to develop their ability.

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