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Substituting Japanese Used Car Parts

Substituting Japanese Used Car Parts - Anyone driving a Toyota can tell you how expensive repairs are. Of course, repairs on any vehicle can be expensive, but with a car like a Toyota or a Volkswagen, getting replacement parts can be very pricey. This is because replacement parts for cars like Ford are made right here in America. Actually, they seldom are, but still, it’s an American company, so even though the parts might be manufactured somewhere else, they are not imported into America whereas Toyota and Volkswagen parts, indeed, are imported -and their price tags show it.
Substituting Japanese Used Car Parts

The Solution

Many automobile owners whose cars have exceeded their warranty period are turning to buying used parts for their cars; Japanese ones are particularly sought out. While using any brand of used car parts (not just Japanese ones) is cheaper than getting brand new replacement parts from the dealer, used car parts that are Japanese are known to be of better quality than used car parts from America. Of course, there are exceptions to this general rule, but broadly speaking, Japanese used car parts are a cut above the rest.

Japanese cars are known to be reliable and long-running. Toyota stands in a similar class with Volkswagen here in the United States, and Toyota is now edging out in front of Volkswagen in popularity, thanks to a few things. One thing is that Volkswagen’s are said to be declining in quality; we all know how expensive Volkswagen cars are here in America, and the simple fact is that they’re not going to be worth buying if their quality becomes mediocre.

The second reason that Toyota’s are becoming even more popular than Volkswagen’s is because Toyota is offering hybrid vehicles and Volkswagen is not. Regardless of whether one is in the market for a hybrid car or not, knowing that Toyota is actively working on hybrid technology and is even a forerunner in hybrid makers, makes people respect Toyota even if they themselves are not looking to buy a hybrid.

So when it comes to used car parts, Japanese ones (Toyota primarily, but Nissan too) are a very popular choice. They run a little more expensive than used American parts because, like the new parts, they are rarer here than American parts, but the bottom line is that Japanese used car parts are much cheaper than the brand new replacement parts that come, via the dealership, directly from the Japanese maker. Some dealerships are offering these used parts as part of their garage service, but many garages do not offer it. Look into local garages in your area, or even take a look on eBay—you might just save yourself a couple of hundred bucks.

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