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The Car Seat Accessory Guide

The Car Seat Accessory Guide - You’ve just had a baby, and now you have to get from the hospital to your house in one piece so you enlist the aide of your trusty car seat. Car seats aren’t just for the convenience of having a cozy spot to bundle up your bundle of joy while on car rides; they are also required by law.
The Car Seat Accessory Guide

Car seats are for safety but they don’t have to be just that. While shopping for a car seat you should also be on the look out for these incredible car seat accessories.

The Shoulder Strap Adjuster

Car seats are designed to be safe - but general. They are made “one size fits all”, but unfortunately, babies don’t come that way. When you strap your child into the car seat, the shoulder strap should come up across the chest and not the neck. If the shoulder strap comes up across the neck there is the danger of strangulation, or throat trauma if there was ever a car accident. If the shoulder strap is too high up on the child, a shoulder strap adjuster is required to secure the belt away from the child’s neck. This is the perfect car seat accessory for the ‘little’ people in your family.

Infant Head Pillow

Your little creation has a little problem; she can’t hold her own head up. When she falls asleep in the car she doesn’t have the neck strength to support the weight of her big beautiful brain. Infant head pillows are great travel accessories. They are soft and comfortable, the perfect support for your child’s neck and head! This is the perfect car seat accessory for your child’s developing brain.

Solar Car Seat Covers

In the winter it is a relief to get into a warm car, but in the summer, putting your baby in a super hot car seat isn’t a good idea. Solar car seat covers are made from a thermal material that slips right over the car seat and serves to keep the heat out of the seat. This is the perfect car seat accessory for mommies and babies that live in warm climates.

Infant Rearview Mirror

You love seeing your baby kick in her car seat. You can, if you have a rearview mirror. Your baby doesn’t get the luxury of looking at her mommy driving. But now she can too. The infant rearview mirror attaches to the back seat of the car, right in front of your baby and allows your little girl to see everything. This car seat accessory is used when your baby is still in a rear-facing car seat.

With all the great car seat accessories, you can find exactly what you need for you and your baby. So, next time you go out to purchase a perfect car seat for your bundle of joy, keep your eyes peeled for the perfect accessories to go with it.

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