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Secured Debt Relief Involves Eliminating Other Obligations

Secured Debt Relief Involves Eliminating Other Obligations - With so many options and services available getting out from under heavy credit card debt is not that difficult, but finding secured debt relief without losing the items used as collateral for the debt, can be a little tougher. Secured debts most often involve car loans, home mortgages or some other tangible property that can be repossessed and sold to help the creditor recoup some of the money on the loan.

Secured Debt Relief Involves Eliminating Other Obligations

Once an item has been repossessed and sold, any balance on the principal remaining as well as the costs associated with the financial recovery is charged to the debtor. Many times people taking out loans for home improvements, additions or some personal items, including elaborate vacations, take out a second or even third mortgage on their home. The money spent on the vacation is now considered part of the home mortgage and makes getting secured debt relief even harder.

When creditors line up your door, the primary mortgage holder will be first in line, with any subsequent mortgage holders in line behind them. When looking for secured debt relief these subsequent lien holders will have to be considered as even if the primary funding source agrees to terms, the subsequent lenders may not, and still be in a position from which to take possession of your home.

Learn Who Is Working On Your Behalf

When contacts with secured creditors have failed to provide any help, seeking outside secured debt relief may be an option other than bankruptcy. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will most likely have to turn over assets to the court to be sold to pay down debt. With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will most likely maintain ownership of most of the property while working out a court-approved plan to pay off the debt.

When you work an agency on developing a secured debt relief plan, determine who owns the company you are dealing with. If the company is operated by a consortium of credit companies while they are helping you budget through pay off terms, they are also going to make sure the creditors are being paid interest on the balances still owed. These companies may not have you best interest at heart, but will provide a benefit in helping you learn how to budget your money.

Many major companies as well as community-sponsored organizations can help develop a secured debt relief plan that can allow you to keep most of your possessions while paying off the loans without the need for bankruptcy.


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